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Model SGD-5 high speed single sheave block china

Model SGD-5 high speed single sheave block china

Hook like grounding block is applied in eliminating induced current by conductors or grounding wires.

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​Ningbo Eastern Grid Power (E-Grid) is China leader in designing, manufacturing and supplying hydraulic brake tensioners for stringing operations, ideal to allow operations to be carried out with the highest accuracy, speed and safety.

Order numberModelNumber of sheaveMaterial of sheaveApplicable range (mm)Weight (kg)
12111SHL75D¦µ75Aluminous¦µ6¡«38 conductor4.5
12112SHG60D¦µ60Steel¦µ6¡«28 wire cable and stranded wire5

To eliminate induce electricity in conductor and grounding wire when releasing wires.


Mounted on the outlet side of tensioners or the inlet side of puller, and drawn by two stay wires.
Tri-sheave mechanism, compacted automatically.
Maximum allowable current is 100A, time electrified is 0.1 second.
It is recommended that section of mating conductor is 25 mm2
The material of sheave are two styles: aluminium or steel.
With seamless welding technology , technology skills, welded firmly.
The block has built-in bearing, which can rotate flexibly, effectively reduce friction and save labor

ModelSGD-5 high speed single sheave block
Model SGD-5 high speed single sheave block china